Franjo Jurkin
Franjo studies French language and literature and Linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. He has a BA in French language and literature and Italian language and literature.

Franjo has experience with debate education, having been involved with the work of student debating societies in Zagreb (Zagreb Student Debate Forum) and volunteering for the national Croatian Debate Society.

He became a member of HERMES in late 2013 after participating as a peer guide in the “Anne Frank – History for Understanding” traveling exhibition project. He continued his work with HERMES on the “Historija, Istorija, Povijest” and “Model International Criminal Court WeB” projects as a Memory Walk and human rights trainer.

Franjo is currently a board member of HERMES.

Lina Jurjević

Lina is non-formal education professional in the fields of (historical) human rights and civic education, as well as coordinator and consultant in the domain of socially conscious cultural projects.

Lina holds an MA in Art History and a BA in History from the University of Zagreb.

She joined HERMES in 2013, when she volunteered for the “Anne Frank – History for Understanding” exhibition and Free2choose human rights workshops.

In 2017, Lina spent one year in Amsterdam working for the Educational Projects Department at the Anne Frank House (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) as part of her European Voluntary Service.  

Today, she is HERMES’ vice-president.

Morena Mitak

Morena joined the association in 2013 as a volunteer during the organization of the pilot project “Model European Union Zagreb – MEUZ”.  The following year, she became the organiser of that same project which was then rated as the best project for young people in Croatia within the competition for the prestigious European Parliament award “Charlemagne”. As years passed and by virtue of her experience, Morena became the supervisor of MEUZ.
She is particularly interested in the topics of social entrepreneurship, revitalization of brownfield sites and contemporary art, especially streetart culture. As a lawyer, Morena has greatly contributed to the organization of legal, office and accounting operations of the association.
She is currently a member of the association’s Board of Directors at the behest of one of the founders, saying that “she will split hairs when it comes to procedures and formalities” which was unanimously accepted by the other members. This is indeed exactly what she does.

In her free time, she does the same thing as during work – she plans, writes project proposals and implements projects. She enjoys the company of her daughter and long walks with their dog, reads and engages in activism.

Tvrtko Pater

Tvrtko is a Croatian trainer and educator who works in the fields of Holocaust education, rhetoric and facing history. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Tvrtko engages students in discussing complex topics in a serious yet approachable way.

Tvrtko has a background in law and is currently the Head of Legal Training in the Model International Criminal Court Western Balkans (MICC WeB) project. He is also a Peer Guide trainer for the “Anne Frank – A History for Today” traveling exhibition, and a British Parliamentary debate trainer among other things.

Tvrtko joined HERMES in 2013 as a trainer, soon thereafter becoming the project coordinator of the “History for Understanding” project, and later the Croatian coordinator of the “Historija, Istorija, Povijest – Lessons  for Today” regional project. He is currently the president of HERMES.