Anne Frank
youth Network

Anne Frank Youth Network (AFYN)

The Anne Frank Youth Network is a global network of young people who have participated in various Anne Frank House (AFH) educational activities and programmes such as the Anne Frank – A History for Today traveling exhibition or the Memory Walk or Free2Choose workshops.

The network was created after numerous previous peer guides and participants of AFH activities expressed their desire to continue working with the AFH educational materials and methodology. This growing network exists to actively engage and support young people in continuing the work they find important.

In Croatia, AFYN activities are mainly organized around the AFYN Toolkit, a training manual that contains different workshop templates and materials that aid the members of the network in facilitating or moderating educational and awareness-raising activities in their schools or communities.

Currently, 43 former peer guides from Croatia are members of the Anne Frank Youth Network. Altogether, they organized 31 educational and awareness-raising activities in their respective schools and towns.

Key Information

Since 2017, when the Anne Frank Youth Network started in Croatia, there have been: