Past 2 Present 4 Future

Past2Present4Future (“P2P4F”) is a youth remembrance activism initiative of four partner organizations from Serbia, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. Its goal is to engage young people from these countries in year-long activities focusing on remembrance and exploration of historical-contemporary dilemmas, focusing in specific on World War II and the lingering legacy of National Socialist crimes in Europe.

Some of the questions and topics that we have explored are:

Why/is learning about history important/relevant for young people? Why are historical events still the cause of current (political) grievances and polarization in society? What are some different ways of remembrance, narratives and approaches to dealing with the past in different parts of Europe?

P2P4F was filled with discussions, interactive workshops, field trips and visits to different memorial sites, as well as with ample opportunities for everyone to contribute their ideas, dilemmas and reflections on these topics.

What kind of activities took place during the project?

An interactive online seminar was held in May 2021. This time was used to get to know each other, discuss some of the essential questions relating to history’seffects on the present, and also to design small-group actions and initiatives to take place in the period between meetings.

During the summer of 2021, each project country organized National Meetings during which participants visited various relevant sites of memory.

Finally, we organized a face-to-face Seminar in Belgrade in October of 2021, during which we visited certain historical sites in Serbia and concluded our discussions about the interplay between history, present and future.

P2P4F Documentary

We created a short documentary with interviews featuring project participants. The documentary has an accompanying lesson plan which can be downloaded below.

The documentary has four language versions, one for each project language.

Subtitles are also available.

Memory Walk videos

During the project we created five new Memory Walk videos that highlight certain human rights dillemas relating to sites of memory.

The Black House

Memorial Park Jajinci

Unfinished Child’s Play

Untold Stories of Tempelhof Airport

Forced Labor Workers in Spandau

Project partners:

Kreisau Initiative

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Western balkans Network

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