Anne Frank
- History for Today
traveling exhibition

Anne Frank - a history for today

The traveling exhibition Anne Frank – a History for Today is an educational programme created by the Anne Frank House (AFH) that visits high schools, elementary schools, libraries, museums and other institutions around Croatia where it is managed by AFH’s local partner organisation, HERMES.

Exhibition content The exhibition features some 30 panels that depict the life of Anne Frank and her family against the background of the Holocaust and the Second World War, as well as six additional panels that deal with the local history of the Holocaust in the Independent State of Croatia.

Peer education Once set up, the exhibition is visited by groups of pupils from high schools or elementary schools in or near the host city or town. The pupils are guided through the exhibition by a select number of pupils that participate in a peer guide training. The trainings are held by experienced HERMES trainers – AFH associates as well as former peer guides.

Goals With the traveling exhibition, the AFH and HERMES aim to: (a) inform visitors about the history of the Holocaust from the perspective of Anne Frank, (b) show visitors that cultural, ethnic, religious and political differences between people exist in every society & (c)  challenge visitors to consider their role in promoting tolerance, mutual respect, human rights and democracy.

Key Information

Since 2013, when the exhibition started its tour of Croatia, there have been: